RJS Praxis für Psychotherapie 


Welcome to RJS Practice for Psychotherapy 

Everyone goes through hardships and experiences psychological pain throughout their lives. This is a normal human condition. We know from resilience research that going through difficult experiences can have long-term benefits for our psychological health, as we are forced to adapt and learn new skills. Of course, even psychologically strong individuals can have difficulties feeling stable after such hardships and especially, after traumatic experiences. Sometimes we cannot find our way back to our old self and we are overwhelmed with our everyday lives. Others feel like they have dealt with psychological pain their entire lives and it is not due to one particular situation, but rather a chronic state of not feeling well. In these situations, it can be beneficial to receive professional help to overcome such difficulties.

As a state authorized and registered clinical psychologist, I am able to treat all psychological disorders. I have further training in various therapeutic methods such as Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

Therapy process

Prior to beginning psychotherapy, an initial non-binding session and up to six diagnostic sessions take place. During these sessions, psychological assessments are conducted, in which one's current psychological difficulties and therapeutic needs are discussed and analyzed. After this phase is completed, psychotherapy can begin. 

Successful therapeutic outcomes are mainly influenced by the type of applied treatment and the level of trust patients have in his/her clinical psychologist. As such, the initial and diagnostic sessions are essential for patients not only to gain more insight into their current struggles, but also to decide if they feel comfortable with their clinical psychologist and if they can build a positive working alliance. 

Therapy costs

Patients who are statutorily insured ("gesetzlich versichert") or privately insured have the option of beginning therapy with me. Statutorily insured patients are fully covered by their health insurance. For those who are privately insured, I strongly encourage you to call your private health insurance before booking an initial session with me, as the costs covered vary.